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Michael's magic is awesome and very pleasant. He has a great personality and he is truly amazing.
God's Loving Hands

Thank you so much for helping make our Angel Tree party a success!! You are loved and appreciated!
Angel Tree

Highly recommend for large or small crowds. His personality and comedy style add a touch of class to the performance. Excellent show!
Elgin Public Schools

The satisfaction was pure enjoyment. Your ability is fascinating, your style extremely professional, your personality delightful and engaging.
Jaque Loch

Booking Is Easy

Check out the many different entertainment options available when you book Amazing Magical Michael, and decide what type of show best suits your special event. Then simply pick up the phone, log into your email account, send a letter, dispatch a telegraph, light a smoke-signal fire, or strap a message onto your favorite carrier pigeon and make the Magical Michael connection.

But wait! I have more questions!!

How long? How far? How much?  What color socks will the magician be wearing?  And the ever popular,  "Can you make my husband, wife, etc., disappear?"  Well, bunky, select your favorite method of communication from the foregoing list and ask to your heart's content.  Our goal is to make your special occasion as memorable and pleasant as possible, while keeping your spouse and/or etcetera fully intact and operational.

Amazing Magical Michael

~ Member ~
Magicians' League of America
International Magician's Society
International Brotherhood of Magicians
International Fellowship of Christian Magicians

~ President 2005 ~
Oklahoma City Magic Club

~ President 2005 ~

International Brotherhood of Magicians
IBM Ring 46

~ Executive Producer 2004-2005 ~
Oklahoma City Pandemonium of Magic

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